Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion video

Kirk Franklin’s son 33-year-old Kerrion, went viral when he leaked a phone call where Kirk lightweight cussed him. Kerrion attempt to put his award-winning gospel artist father, Kirk Franklin, on viral blast ended up being a trash can lid turner on himself when people understood that Kirk Franklin, who actually posted a video apologizing for his actions, is a man who makes mistakes not to mention a father that is just like the rest of the fathers in the world who’s kids have taken them there.


Kerrion, that was Kirk Franklins first child that he had when he was young by his childhood sweetheart, felt that his father Kirk Franklin didn’t treat him fairly when he was coming up, had no one, not even Kerrion’s own mother willing to give an ‘amen’ on that story.

They say Kerrion has some issues and since the Kirk Franklin slander campaign didn’t work he is now turning his attentions to his mother.


But what had really happened was that his mother was trying to take him to the hospital to get him some help.

We will be keeping Kerrion as well as his parents and family in our prayers.