4T°Registrar is a free domain provider that allows you to register a domain with any name you want and with any extension for free. The website was founded in 2017, and since its launch, more than 1 million domains have been registered with multiple extensions for free.  


How do we provide free domain names?  

As everyone knows, domain registration is not free, ICANN obliges whoever wants to register a domain to pay for it annually, but we were able to provide paid domains for free through an innovative profit-sharing system calls "Captcha Offers" and its the first of his kind in the world. 

This system is based on displaying offers on captcha from a group of companies that we work with for whoever wants to register a domain, and upon completion of the offer, we get a commission, which in turn we share with you by registering the domain for free.  


What extensions are available to register for free? 

4T°Registrar allows you to register domains for free with more than 100+ extensions, whether Top-Level-Domains TLD extensions or some country-level domains ccTLD.  

These are some extensions that we offer to register for free 

  • .com  
  • .net  
  • .org  
  • .info  
  • .mobi  
  • .biz  
  • .xyz  
  • +others 


Can I renew a domain name for free?  

Yes, 4T°Registrar allows you to renew your domain or group of domains registered through us for free within 30 days from the date of its expiry, Just login to your account, which you can create after registering the domain. And go to the renewal section and renew the domain by completing an offer from the available offers.  

We literally give you the possibility of obtaining a domain name for life. If you are a domainer who buys and sells domains for a living, and you want to register domains in a bulk way, but you do not have the financial resources to cover the registration and renewal of all domains, It's your lucky day, you can use our site to register and renew all the domains you want. 


How many domains can I register for free?  

You can register as many domains as you want as long as you complete an offer each time you want to register a domain, but keep in mind that some extensions are more expensive than others, so you may have to complete more than one offer so that we can cover its expenses and provide it to you for free.


What is Captcha offers? 

When you try to register a domain, you will have to solve a captcha, which in turn includes a set of offers and you are required to complete one of them to register your domain. These offers are advertisements from companies that work with us. For example, you may be asked to signup on a website, answer a survey, or download an application... Whatever offer appeared to you, you must complete it to the end in order to move to the account registration stage.  


What are Register-it tools?  

4T°Registrar provides a set of free domain tools that will help you to do many things such as identifying a domain owner, Checking what hosting a domain uses, or DNS lookup, or generating domains with selected words so that you can register them.  

These are a list of our free tools: 



The goal of creating this website and providing these services for free is to give everyone the opportunity to own an online business, especially those with limited income who can't afford to buy a domain and pay for it annually. 

Owning the price of a domain is not challenging for most Western Internet users, but a large group of people living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America may find it out of reach, particularly in countries where the minimum monthly wage is less than $100 per month.  

Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to give every dreamer an opportunity to create an online business, and this is what we, the Register-it team, call it digital justice.