YouTube HD thumbnail downloader

Download Youtube thumbnail images (HD Quality) for free. This application let you download thumbnails in any Quality and size you want, Just by pasteing the URL of the thumbnail video in the above input and click Submit.

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How many thumbnails does a YouTube video have?

A YouTube video can have up to nine thumbnails, but not every video has nine thumbnails. There are seven thumbnails guaranteed to exist:

  • Player Background 480x360
  • Start 120x90
  • Middle 120x90
  • End 120x90
  • High-Quality 480x360
  • Medium Quality 320x180
  • Normal Quality 120x90

Besides, if the video is high-definition, there will be two other sizes of the thumbnail.

  • Standard Definition 640x480
  • Maximum Resolution 1920x1080

But the most commonly used sizes are High-Quality, Medium Quality, and full size. Therefore, the YT Youtube thumbnail downloader only provides downloads in these three sizes. If you need other sizes, I'll tell you how to get it later.