Vitamin D .. How do you Get with Applying Sun Protection Creams?

German magazine Focus believes, according to experts, that it is necessary to balance the body’s need for the sun and its need to protect against the ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer, according to the German website DW.

The need to apply sun protection creams continuously in order to protect the skin is something that may be an obsession for some, but sunscreens may in turn contain dangerous chemicals on the body, which may lead to an effect opposite to its protective role.


Vitamin D
Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is very dangerous to health

Vitamin D deficiency may lead to diseases, the most important of which are: osteoporosis, which leads, especially in children, to severe deformities of the skeleton and the bones of the limbs. In adults, the deficiency of this important vitamin may lead to general atrophy of muscles and bones, in addition to feeling tired and exhausted throughout the day, and the spread of pain in the body.
And scientific studies have previously revealed that individuals who suffer from vitamin D deficiency are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, autism and schizophrenia, in addition to intestinal inflammation, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidneys and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
According to the “German Journal”, scientific research has not definitively confirmed the role of sunscreen creams in preventing the body’s production of vitamin D, but it stresses the need not to resort to these creams constantly and continuously, in order to allow the sunlight to reach To the body without the need for synthetic materials that may inhibit its action.


To ensure you get an adequate amount of Vitamin D …

The ideal period for the production of vitamin D, according to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, varies according to the nature of each country. The rays of the sun are between 11 am and 2 pm, when the sun is at its zenith. However, the UVB index is also the highest and the most dangerous at this time. Therefore, experts advise exposing the body to sunlight during that period, but for separate periods during the week, without applying protective creams. It is preferable to cover the body with light clothing and leave the arms and legs without any creams, as 15 to 30 minutes are sufficient for the body to form vitamin D in the body.

In order to avoid skin cancer, sunbathing in the summer should not be exaggerated, and a high sun protection factor should always be applied when staying in the sun for a long time.


Vitamin D stocks

To make sure whether the stock of vitamin D in the cells is sufficient in the winter months, the doctor can test the level of vitamin D, and it is also possible to eat natural substances, such as fish and some animal products that supply the body with this vitamin, and also take some nutritional supplements that contain this vitamin, as long as Consult your doctor, as excessive intake of supplements causes many health risks.