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Parking Domains

What Is a Parked Domain, How does a domain get parked?

What Is a Parked Domain, How does a domain get parked?

A parked domain can be any type of generic or unused domain. They are usually parked by their owner in an attempt to eventually sell them in the future for a profit. While most parked domains are often registered for Parked Ads.

However, this does not necessarily mean that parking domains cannot be used for any active content, such as blogs or small business marketing websites.

How to Make Money from parked Domains?

There are a few ways to make a profit from parking domain, including using Parked Ads or selling it to a company that may have use for it.

Parked ads are simply buying domains that have high traffic, either because of their distinguished name or because it is similar to other domains of other famous sites, so that people make a mistake and write it by mistake, for example, if someone writes instead of the correct domain for Facebook’s Messenger service, it will be redirected to a page that is a Parked Domain for Ads, whose purpose is only to display ads and take advantage of the traffic that comes by mistake.

Other ways to make money from Parked domains are selling domains for a profit or renting the domain using services such as To start in this line of business, all you will need is a small capital to buy a domain. You can start with only one domain, which will cost you no more than $10 for an entire year, and start flipping it for a profit or placing Parked Ads on it.

To do this, you only need to go to, create an account, and finally activate the e-mail by entering the number that you will receive.

After registering, go to Add domains. and add a least one domain and put some keywords that are related to your domain name and finally change the Name servers for your domains to the ones below, That’s it.


Where to Buy Domains for Parking?

  • Similar domains

Register domains that are similar to pre-existing domains belonging to famous sites, but with a different letter that users may misspell, especially with domains that are difficult to type, for example,, which is a popular booking website, you can search for a domain similar to it, but Instead of the letter (I), you choose the letter (E) or subtract the first letter from the domain name, and so on. It is important that the name be similar to the domain that people may misspell in order to enter your domain.

Famous sites such as Airbnb have millions of traffic per day, if only 1% of those visits mistake in writing the domain you can get thousands of dollars of profit using Parked Ads.

The main element in this method is your choice of the appropriate domain and the closest to the original domain, but try to stay away from popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others because they are mostly all not available even those with big misspells such as two or three letters, and focus on other websites until you find the suitable one.

  • Deleted Domains

Also, one of the good ways that enable you to get domains with a large traffic rate is the deleted domains, and by that we mean the domains that expired and passed to the stage of deletion. So that it becomes available for registration again.

Among the common reasons for deleted domains is if the owner dies, or if the domain is changed without preserving the original domain.

To find domains with good traffic, you can use, which collects domains that are about to be deleted from most domain registrars around the world and puts them on one site. However, you should pay attention to only one thing, which is that not all domains will be suitable for you. Rather, you need to filter the results until you find a domain with large traffic, and to do this, we must take the following points into account:

Majestic ranking of the domain: If the domain was deleted in a week or less, information about its ranking in the Majestic index will continue to appear before that data is removed. This arrangement helps us know the number of traffic that this domain was receiving, so that the smaller the ranking, the better it is (smaller than a million).

The number of backlinks: If the site has a large number of backlinks, this often means that it was a large and well-known site, and it also means that it will continue to receive traffic from those backlinks.

The number of registered extensions: This last parameter, although it is not as important as the Majestic ranking, and the number of backlinks, is also important, and it means that the domain is reserved for other extensions such as com, net, org, co.

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