Free Tools that Every Developer, Designer and Website Owner Need

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Free tools that every developer, designer and website owner needs

Every developer, designer, or website owner needs a set of tools to help him, whether in programming, design, or discovering defects and features of his site, in this list we will share with you a set of tools that will help you, whether in converting texts, images, and codes or in revealing some information, whether about your site or some Its properties such as SSL certificate, DNS settings, and other information.


1.DNS Lookup 

A tool that helps you to reveal the DNS settings of any site. This test will show the DNS records for the domain in order of priority. DNS lookup is performed directly on the authorized domain server, the tool will help you to know information about DNS such as:


2. IP Address Geolocation Lookup 

The IP Lookup tool allows you to extract information about an IP address such as location, ISP, hostname, type, proxy, blacklist status, and more.

What is an IP address?

IP is your default address. Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address attributed to it, which reveals its IP location. Anyone looking for your IP address can see your location and information, including server location and information. IP addresses help the data to find its destination and reach the intended recipient over the Internet.


3. SSL Lookup 

HTTPS Lookup and SSL Certificate Checker will query a website's URL and tell you if it responds securely with SSL encryption. SSL Check in this test will also determine if there are any issues with your SSL certificates or if your certificates are expired/expiring soon. You can also add a specific word at the end of the link which detects if the page does not contain the specified word - eg.

https: google

Where the tool will show you if the page does not contain the term "google".


4. Whois Lookup, Domain Availability & IP Search 

This tool enables you to search for a specific domain and get Whois information: such as domain owner information, IP address history, rank and rank, the servers it uses to host its site, and more. You can also find available domains for sale using Whois Lookup showing their owner information so you can email them and leave an offer to buy the domain.


5. Ping Test 

Ping is a method of measuring the minimum time required to send the smallest possible amount of data and receive a response. For ping, units of milliseconds are used (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Typical values for cable connection optics are 5-20 milliseconds. Wireless (2.4GHz, 5GHz,..) close to 30ms. Mobile connection is much worse >100ms.

The value of Ping affects most online games and Internet telephony (Skype). Less is better, reasonable value is less than 50 ms. Through this tool, you can find out the ping information of a particular domain and the servers it uses.


6. MD5 Hash Generator 

The MD5 Hash Generator can be used to encode passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data into MySQL, Postgress, or other databases. PHP programmers, ASP programmers, and anyone who develops with MySQL, SQL, Postgress, or similar tools should find this tool very useful for coding and encoding their information.

What is MD5 Hash?

HASH MD5 is created by taking a string of words and encoding them in a 128-bit fingerprint. Encoding the same string using the MD5 algorithm always produces the same 128-bit hash output. MD5 hashes with smaller strings are often used when storing passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive data in popular databases such as MySQL. This tool provides a quick and easy way to encode MD5 hashes from simple strings of up to 256 characters in length.

MD5 hashes are also used to ensure file data integrity. Since the MD5 hash algorithm always produces the same output for the same given input, the user can compare the hash of the source file to the hash of the newly created text file to verify that it is complete and not modified.

7. Base64 Converter - Decode and Encode 

If you need to encode text to Base64, enter in the "Text" field what you want to convert and press "Encode Text to Base64" - the result will appear in the "Base64" field. Otherwise, if you have a Base64 string, paste it into the "Base64" field and hit "Decode Base64 to Text" - the result will appear in the "Text" field.


8. Base64 Image Encoder/Coverter 

This tool helps convert Base64 to Image or Convert Image to Base64.  

After converting the image, you can download it as a png file/image. This tool supports almost all types of images including .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .svg just click on the upload file and select the file and convert it easily and for free.

Convert Base64 to Image Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.


9. URL Encode and Decode Tool 

A URL encoder and decoder that enables you to either encrypt or decrypt a string, URIs must be encoded uniformly. To set a wide range of characters used worldwide to the 60 or so characters allowed in a URI, a two-step process is used:

  1. Convert a character string to a string of bytes using UTF-8 encoding
  2. Convert each byte that is not an ASCII character or number to %HH, where HH is the hexadecimal value of the byte

For example, the string: François will be encoded as: Fran%C3%A7ois

("ç" is encoded in UTF-8 as C3 (hexadecimal) and A7 (hex) bytes, which are then written as the three characters "%c3" and "%a7" respectively.) This can make the URI rather long (up to 9 ASCII characters for a single Unicode character), but the point is that browsers only need to display the decoded form, and many protocols can send UTF-8 without problems after they've been encoded.


10. Lorem Ipsum Text Generator 

Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text for display in online digital projects such as templates, infographics, and more. You can simply create this dummy script and use it instead of spending hours writing the content yourself just to illustrate your project.

This tool enables you to generate these texts by pressing a button so that you can copy and display them in a newly created site template instead of writing texts and content.

11. Convert Markdown to HTML 

This tool enables you to convert Markdown code to HTML very quickly, so you enter your code and press convert to be converted. You can also convert specific links, addresses, images, etc.


12. Case converter Uppercase / Lowercase 

An easy-to-use text tool that enables you to convert text from lowercase letters to uppercase letters, you can also capitalize letters and convert them to mixed case, and you can also convert large links or codes from lowercase letters to uppercase.


13. Random UUID (v4) Generator 

Free UUID v4 generator that allows you to generate (random UUID). The generation is done using v4 UUIDs according to RFC 4122 and is a real-time and random converter. i.e. UUIDs for version 4 are randomly and instantly generated when the button is pressed.


14. Bcrypt Hash Generator Tool 

Bcrypt Hash Generator is an encryption algorithm, recommended for encrypting your password and any other information you want to secure. Bcrypt Hash functions are designed to be a one-way function, i.e. a function that cannot be reversed.


15. Strong Random Password Generator 

This is an indispensable tool for generating strong and random passwords from numbers symbols and small and uppercase letters. This tool helps you to generate a password, whether to use it on websites or to enter databases. 

16. Password strength checker 

Another tool related to passwords where this tool allows you to check your password to make sure that it is strong enough and difficult to guess or hack.

This tool works with an easy and simple algorithm on your computer, meaning that the entered text is not sent to any databases and is not stored.


17. Clean URL Slug Generator 

An easy-to-use URL slug generator that is easy to identify from search engines.

What is Slug URL?

A URL slug is the part that comes at the end of a URL. For example - URL, whose Slug is this "campaign-url-builder".

Creating a short but descriptive slug to your site's page URL can positively affect its visibility in search engines.


18. Online HTML Minifier & Compressor Tool 

Use an HTML compress and minify tool to reduce the size of the HTML code and make your website load faster. The HTML thumbnail works by running your markup through a series of regular expressions written in PHP.


19. CSS Minifier & Compressor Tool 

The same as the previous tool, but this time to reduce and shorten the CSS code so that the code you entered is converted and the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments are removed. These elements are not required to successfully use CSS. It also makes CSS more difficult to read.

A "best practice" for many developers is to keep an "optimized" version, and when their project comes out, the patterns will run through a minifier. They will also combine their many style files into one.


20. Online JavaScript Minifier & Compressor Tool 

JavaScript Minifier & Compressor allows you to freely reduce and minify JavaScript code to make your site faster. This tool is completely similar to the above-mentioned tools but related to JavaScript code.


21. User agent parser 

User-agent string analysis tool. Every time your web browser makes a request to a website, it sends a Header HTTP called a "user agent". User Agent string contains information about web browser name, operating system, device type, and a lot of other useful information.


22. Hosting Checker Tool - Who is Hosting This? 

Web Hosting checker lets you know where a particular site is hosted just by entering its domain (its URL). You can also check which web hosting company is hosting the site, where their servers are, and a lot of other information.


23. Online Character Count Tool 

Character Count is a free tool that allows you to easily count the number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs in your text. Where it is enough to enter the text you want and it will be calculated and provide all the information about it. This tool helps you in the event that you are obligated to write a specific size text to use on a website without the words exceeding the allowed number.


24. Url Parser / Query String Splitter 

This simple tool allows you to parse a URL into its individual components, such as protocol, host, port, domain, subdomain, tld, etc.


25. Convert a Color – HEX, RGB, HSL, CMYK 

Convert colors between HEX, RGB, HSL, and CMYK formats. So that it is simple, beautiful, and fast. Just enter the code you want and it will be quickly converted to all encodings including HEX, HEX alpha, RGB, RGBA, HSV, HSL, HSLA.


26. HTTP / HTTPS Header Checker Tool 

This tool allows you to check the HTTP Headers that a web server returns when a URL is requested. This tool works with HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Just enter your domain (URL) and verify its information.


27. Duplicate lines remover 

Use this tool to remove duplicate lines from a large portion of text. Paste text from your file into the form to quickly remove all duplicate lines.


28. Free Text to Speech Online Tool - No Limit 

A free tool that helps you convert text to voice using artificial intelligence, after entering the text you want it will be converted into a woman’s voice easily so that you can download it and use it in anything you want. The tool currently supports only the English language.


29. Punycode converter (IDN converter), Punycode to Unicode 

Punycode is a special encoding used to convert Unicode characters to ASCII, which is a smaller, restricted character set. Punycode is used to encrypt Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).


What is Punycode/IDN?

Punycode is an encoding syntax by which a Unicode (UTF-8) character string can be translated into the basic ASCII characters allowed in network hostnames. Punycode is used for International Domain Names, short for IDN or IDNA.

For example, when you type café.com in your browser, your browser (the application that supports IDNA) first converts the string to punycode "" , because the character "é" is not an allowed character in regular domain names. Punycode domains will not work in very old browsers (Internet Explorer 6 and earlier).

30. JSON Formatter and JSON Validator Tool 

JSON Formatter and JSON Validator Tool help you format and validate JSON text. It also provides a tree view which helps in navigating the formatted JSON data very easily.


31. QR Code Reader / Scanner 

QR Code Reader / Scanner Tool is a free online tool to read barcodes from images. It is able to scan and read various QR barcodes on the image. Our advanced algorithm allows you to read even damaged barcodes.

QR Code Reader supports many different image types (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF).


32. Meta tags checker 

Check Meta Tags for any website with this free tool, just type the domain of the site you want to check and the tool will show all the information!


33. Online Exif Reader/Viewer 

EXIF is an acronym for Exchangeable Image File, which is a standard format for storing exchange information in digital photo files using JPEG compression. Almost all new digital cameras use the EXIF annotation, storing information on the image such as shutter speed, exposure compensation, F number, what metering system was used, the metering system used, if flash was used, ISO number, date, and time the image was taken, white balance, the auxiliary lenses that were used and the resolution. Some photos may store GPS information so you can easily see where the photos were taken!

34. SQL Formatter & SQL Beautifier Tool 

Formatter and Beautifier Online is a free SQL formatting tool. The formatter will beautify any Query SQL adding spaces, tabs, and newlines when needed.


35. HTML Entity Converter Encoder/Decoder 

This tool encodes/decodes HTML Entity using Javascript, and it is a free tool that will help you as a programmer to encode your code easily just by entering what you want in the place of the text and converting it, choosing whether you want to encode or decode it.


36. Decimal to Binary Converter Tool 

This free tool converts texts from Decimal to Binary or vice versa, for example, this binary number 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001. It may not mean anything to you, but if you convert it, it will actually mean "Hello!".


37. Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal or to Text 

This tool does the same work as the previous tool, but this time from Hexadecimal to Decimal so that you can convert any Hexadecimal text to Decimal or vice versa.

By Hexadecimal we mean hexadecimal numbers, which is the name of the numbering system that has a base number 16. This system has numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. This means that two-digit decimal numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 must be represented by a single digit in order to exist in this numbering system.


38. Mailto link generator 

Use the Mailto generator tool and create mailto links with the ability to add a subject, body content, cc, and bcc information for free. This tool helps you if you want to add a link on your site that allows your visitors when you click on it to email you so that your email will appear to them in the place of sending, as well as the subject of the message and the rest of the information that you will specify.


39. YouTube HD thumbnail downloader 

Download Youtube thumbnails (HD quality) for free. This tool allows you to download thumbnails of any quality and size you want, just by pasting the URL of the thumbnail video in the above entry and clicking submit.


40. WhatsApp link generator 

If you want to create WhatsApp links for people to contact you instantly, this tool allows you to create WhatsApp links for free in less than a minute, without the need for registration. All you have to do is enter your phone number and the message, and it will be transferred to a link that everyone who clicks on will send a specific message to your number. 

For example, you can customize a message "Hello, I want to know more about your products" and so whoever clicked on the link will send you this message so that you know what he wants so that you can help him.


41. Youtube Timestamp Generator 

This tool enables you to create a video link on YouTube that anyone who clicks on it can move to a specific minute in the video, for example if you want to view only a snapshot of a specific video in the 4th minute, without the need for the person clicking on the link to watch the entire video.


42. Google cache checker 

Google Cache checker is a free tool to view the cache version of your site that Google has saved and see the date and time this copy of Google has been saved.

This tool helps you in the event that you have made changes to your site, but Google still displays the old version in its results, so the tool will show you the date of the last version that Google keeps so that you can clear it later to update it via Google’s webmaster tool.


These tools are very necessary for all website owners, developers, and designers, as without them it is not possible to do the necessary checks for our sites or speed up our work and make it more professional. Below we will also offer you another free website to get a free domain with any extension you want.

Register and Renew Free domain Names

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The site works with a unique system of profit sharing so that you register the domain you want by completing a specific Captcha that contains offers, and therefore the site profits and shares the profit with you by registering the domain for you for free.

How does the site work?

You first enter the site and choose the domain you want with its extension, and if it is available, click on the Free button, after that a captcha will appear, you have to complete it, then you choose one of the offers that will occur for you, and complete it to the end, the offers example are registration on a specific website, or completing a survey, or downloading an application..etc. After successfully completing the offer, you will pass to the registration stage, through which you will complete your domain registration.

Website features?

One of the site’s features is also the possibility of renewing the domain for free, full control of the DNS, a free SSL certificate, and a professional email with your domain name for free.

That's it, I hope that you will benefit as much as possible from the sites that we shared with you today. If you have any inquiries or questions, you can always contact us and we will work to answer your inquiries as soon as possible. Good luck.

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